Hinckley Town Centre Report 2022

The following Survey has been compiled by two very experienced retailers in the Town and the Hinckley and District Chamber of Trade (HCOT) is appreciative of all the work that has been undertaken to achieve this comprehensive Report.

This report has been produced to look at the options to increase footfall for the benefit of the Hinckley Town Centre businesses.

Many business owners in Hinckley have become acutely aware of the rising vacancy rate in Hinckley town centre. Our collective perception is not unique – given recent efforts by HBBC council officers, HTCP BID and property management companies together – to address these growing concerns.

This problem predates the COVID-19 pandemic. The vacancy rate was cited as one of the growing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) issues, associated with our under-performing town centre.

This following account is a combination of a collection of recent and historical evidence-based data, observations and experiences made as a town centre retailer, a past TCP director and committee member of the Hinckley Chamber of Trade.




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