Emma McClarkin MEP Brexit Presentation

“The Hinckley and District Chamber of Trade hosted an amazing well attended presentation by the high profile Emma McClarkin MEP on the 23rd of February at the Cafe Espanol, Atkins Building, Hinckley on the EU.  Advantages and Disadvantages including the free movement of people and the effects on business and socially—- IN or OUT”. 

” She then dropped a complete bombshell by informing the diverse businesses gathered that having thought long and hard, she would be campaigning for OUT or to LEAVE the EU. Having studied the documentation on the terms and conditions negotiated by the PM, although she thought he had tried hard and it was always going to be difficult she did not think that he had pushed for enough concessions. Emma with her legal training did not think that we would get what had been negotiated because the EU laws take precedence over our own.”

“Emma McClarkin ever the consummate professional gave a flawless presentation showing her wealth of knowledge and experience of how the EU in Brussels is run,giving the audience an insight into the frustrations MEPs encounter daily.”

“The meeting was very well attended from both Hinckley and other areas in the Borough by businesses and business groups including HDCOT, HTCP BIDs, representatives of HBBC,  representative of East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, and the Mayor Councillor Janice Richards and her escort.”

“The Hinckley and District Chamber of Trade would like to thank Julian and Silvia of Cafe Espanol, Atkins Building, Hinckley.and Robert Warwick of HBBC for their help and hospitality making making this very important presentation possible at the Cafe Espanol, Atkins Building venue”

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