August 2016 Newsletter

August 2016 Newsletter

Dear Hinckley and District Chamber of Trade Members,

On Tuesday the 9th of August the Hinckley and District Chamber of Trade held

a net working evening at the Green Rooms, Masonic Hall, St Mary’s Rd. Hinckley.

The event which was superbly organised by Debbie Heron of Roundabout Hinckley an Officer of the COT was well attended by new businesses many of whom took the opportunity to join the COT. 

They were addressed by the President of the COT Rosemary Wright to informed them of some of the events and issues the Chamber of Trade has been proactive in and campaigned for since its Re launch.

Rosemary outlined some of the High profile meetings and speakers who have addressed the COT in the past year including;

“1) The Deputy Chief Executive of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council Bill Cullen and the Leader of HBBC Councillor Hall who spoke on future plans for the Town and Borough. This re launch meeting was very well attended by the Chamber of Trade Members and our guests Hinckley Town Centre Partnership.”

2)” One of the Leading Wealth Management and Pension Planning Company’s in the Country Mattioli Woods who gave a presentation on pension planning with a question and answer session.”

3) “The outstanding brilliant Emma McClarkin MEP who gave a presentation to the business community on The EU — IN or OUT referendum.  Our members were shocked to hear her outspoken views on her observations and experiences as an MEP. She works at the heart of what she considered to be a  system in need of drastic rethinking hence her decision to campaign for LEAVE. The meeting was attended by business representatives from around the East Midlands, The Mayor and Escort, Hinckley and District Chamber of Trade members, our guests the Hinckley Town Centre Partnership members, officers and local politicians.”

Over the past year the COT have worked on issues such as :

a)” The Increase in the number of charity shops in prime retail areas including our members views that with 80 % statutory and 20 % concessionary rates paid by taxpayers and often in excess of 50 % new goods sold it could be considered unfair trading.  We took this up with the Borough Council, The MP, and the Government Minister to get the problem dealt with. The outcome was that there is a commitment from the BC to inspect  to ensure that the % of new goods sold is not above the statutory limit. In certain infringing instances the statutory or concessionary benefits were withdrawn”.  We have members who are monitoring this.

b) “We helped other members with planning issues and difficulties with a football club. The outcome of that is that in the near future we should have a Football School of excellence, training young people in football management/ground care etc. creating employment and youth opportunities.”

c) “The latest issue the COT are working at the request of their members is to secure parking following the closure of the Co-op in Castle St. We organised a petition signed by 2500 people. The COT presented the petition and a business case for the Borough Council to buy and develop the old Co-op site including increasing the number of car parking spaces. This is being looked into at the present time by the Council.  The COT attended the Scrutiny meeting by Invitation of the Chairman of Scrutiny Councillor Lay on 11th of August on this issue.”

COT members will be pleased to know that the Scrutiny Commission meeting at which we were invited to speak, went as well as we could have expected. The meeting was held in the Council Chamber with The Chief Executive ,Deputy Chief Executive, Councillors and Officers in attendance. The public gallery was full. The presentation for the COT was made by Rosemary Wright President and Karl Brooks of The Cartridge House. We had a unanimous cross party vote to Recommend that the Borough Council obtain the Co-op site and that the decision is made one way or the other at the next BC meeting in September. 

We have also worked on other issues from Markets ,car parking, traffic flow etc.

“Going foreward we have another High Profile presentation by the Government Minister Marcus Jones MP addressing the Business Community on the 20th of  September at 6-00 pm at the Cafe Espanol, Atkins Building, Hinckley.” We hope you will all reserve this date for what will be a very informative meeting by a Government Minister, specialising in Town Centres”.

“You can see that the Re launched Hinckley and District Chamber of Trade is very proactive and lively and we hope that as many businesses as possible join us because businesses can influence issues which adversely effect them by strength of numbers and an active COT”.

Kindest Regards


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